Rock Lee

Aka: Bushy Brows

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jennikifm Dec 20, 2015


Justice4harima Oct 26, 2015

I like Lee cos he is hard working thouh he doesn't have talent. I kinda feel sorry for him.

Kuroneko1316 Sep 13, 2015

yes, hes ugly. but thats not why i hate him. he takes things wayyyy too seriously. even tho thats why some people like him, they think thats why hes "funny" it annoys me alot.

KisaraBear Sep 7, 2015

Pfft. Figured Lee would be here...

The only reason Lee is this high on the list is because of his looks.

Simply because he's not some "super sexy hunk girls want to drool over", he's 'hated' for it, which is obviously not right.

He's an amazing fighter, hilarious, and adds a whole new level of fun to a show that desperately needed it.

Whether you find him good looking or not, Lee's a great character, and I think he's awesome.

DunkinDeezNuts6 Aug 16, 2015

Whichever of you assholes doesn't like Lee and his FLAMES OF YOUTH does not deserve to be as badass a Lee. You mother fuking haters need to rejuvinate your FLAMES OF YOUTH you oversized pieces of shit. There is no reason to hate on Lee.