Rock Lee

Aka: Bushy Brows

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candylover246 Mar 23, 2017

Why y'all hatin' on my boi Lee yo??

DhanaRagnarok Dec 27, 2016

(See my comment on Might Guy for a rant, here I'll try to stay concise)

Lee (and Guy) is the only character that embodied to the end the idea of "the talentless can beat the talented if he puts more effort into becoming stronger" that was central to Naruto until it was thrown out of the window near the middle of Shippuden.

Lee is also the nicest, most polite character in the series (difficult to notice for non-Japanese speakers, but according to various translators he constantly speaks in the most polite form of Japanese there is, even against people he has good reasons to loathe), as well as the most driven.

I really think Rock Lee is who Naruto was supposed to be like.

AnnaMichelle Aug 11, 2016

Eyebrows on fleek! 

Hair on fleek!

Mouth on fleek?

xLilMissNattzx Jun 4, 2016

He and his Sensei really remind me of them little Mii characters... o-o


Epimondas Feb 15, 2016

I can not quite hate this Bruce Lee spoof rip off character with the cheesy shiny bowl hair cut and brows so think that jungle life could be hiding in them, but I don't really love him as a character either.  I am a bit annoyed why the show is making him more and more like Naruto: super stupid; short temper; and a leaper that never looks first before jumping into any action.  Could be like Naruto's long lost copycat cousin?  How come the Naruto antagonists are getting more well rounded and intelligent characters?  One of his good traits however, is of all the characters, his hair seems to wave more during shows than any other which brings a greater sense of realism.  He could lay off the painfully obvious nods to Bruce Lee though like his flipping fingers towards him to shine on would be opponents taunts or his whiny screams before each attack.  Not that I dislike them either but, what if the Lee family catches on and decides to sue for ripping off his likeness and character?