Rock Lee

Alt titles: Bushy Brows

Rock Lee main image

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DunkinDeezNuts6 says...

Whichever of you assholes doesn't like Lee and his FLAMES OF YOUTH does not deserve to be as badass a Lee. You mother fuking haters need to rejuvinate your FLAMES OF YOUTH you oversized pieces of shit. There is no reason to hate on Lee.

Aug 16, 2015
PrototypeA says...


Jan 30, 2015
youngiitachi22 says...

why hating of bushy brow so he i s so determined and hard working

Dec 27, 2014
Marionn says...

I'm surprised that so many people hate him. I find him funny, strong and kinda cute

Dec 2, 2013
leripe says...

Lee and Guy are the worst characters in the series, or even in general anime. I sometimes fastfoward their scenes -_-

Oct 7, 2013