Aka: Wielder of the Tyrant's Eye

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farrahf Jan 27, 2017

im sorry.... i've made it to episode 4 but holy shit this character annoys me so much. She's this cringe-worthy ball of embarassment that I just can't help being triggered every time she talks nonsense. I dont like this character at all. *But this is my opinion, so don't get butthurt over it*

neetaku Dec 10, 2016

Best character with an eyepatch

KawaiiOtaku01 Oct 3, 2016

This is so sad...

She looks juust like Misaki Mei from Another...

Please, just no...

Limasaurus Jun 18, 2016

The best female character hands down IMO! ^-^

Gandeloft Nov 1, 2015

She is sweet and caring..

Capable of love...