Alt titles: Wielder of the Tyrant's Eye

Rikka TAKANASHI main image

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Xzyqus says...

Shes cute throughout the series but she does so much embarassing things

Jul 20, 2013
Mozuri says...

To all the haters: Banishment This World!!!


Rikka takes 3rd place on the Kyoto Moe Scale.

Nov 30, 2012
InstantReplay says...

One of the reasons I adore Rikka so much is because I was exactly like her when I was in 5th grade. My friends and I would have fake battles on the playground during recess and use magic and what not while everyone else stared at us like "wtf"? XD

Nov 27, 2012
Scartaste says...

Woop Woop

Pull over that ass too Fat

Oct 25, 2012