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Alt titles: Mr. Rebokku, Elder PaoPao

Reborn image
Rank #466
Rank #1,377


A member of the Vongola Family gang, Reborn is considered the world’s most powerful hitman… even though he’s just a baby. He generally spends his time traveling and tutoring prospective mafia bosses, including the tenth Vongola leader, Tsuna. Reborn’s calm and apathetic demeanor can hide the faith he has for his disciples, though he often shows them ‘tough love’ by randomly attacking them or putting them into precarious situations. Atop Reborn’s signature fedora sits his reliable partner Leon, who is able to transform into weapons for use in battle or extreme training methods – much to the dismay of his students. He wears a yellow pacifier around his neck signifying his title of Arcobaleno of the Sun and one of the seven strongest infants in the world.


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