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Alt titles: The AEU Ace

Patrick COLASOUR image
Rank #5,084
Rank #3,131


Patrick Colassour is one of the AEU's best pilots. Priding himself on having won over 100 mock battles, Patrick's ego is somewhat inflated, and uses his grandiose record to flirt with women around the world. His reputation earned him the honor to demonstrate the AEU's new Enact mobile suit. Unfortunately, the demonstration (as well as Patrick's winning streak) was cut short when Gundam Exia arrived and took down the Enact as part of Celestial Being's first armed intervention. Patrick holds a grudge against the Gundams for making him look bad, and looks for any opportunity he can to clear his name. After surviving multiple battles against the Gundams, Patrick became known as "The Immortal Colasour", a title he flaunts, despite the fact it's not really meant as a compliment.

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