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Otonashi image
Rank #85
Rank #2,068


PaulCreenis avatar PaulCreenis
Nov 9, 2013

His backstory was honestly sadder than the ending if you ask me. Not saying that the ending was tame though. 

MechaChimera avatar MechaChimera
Jun 18, 2013

Just a generally solid straight man character with a heartwrenching backstory.Excuse the distasteful pun.

tudmonk avatar tudmonk
Feb 25, 2012

no words can describ this... his passion , his drive, his love for other people , his story made me cry like a baby, after realizing he gave his heart to somebody so she could be saved, is just heartbreaking ( irony ) , i really loved this char, 

Mihadachwn avatar Mihadachwn
Aug 11, 2011

I really do look up to him~ Never looked at him differently dubbed or subbed.

His Story made... me... CRY. ;~;

SunshinexKite avatar SunshinexKite
Aug 9, 2011

I never really had any opinion on him originally when I watched it subbed, but for some reason I really really like him now after rewatching the series dubbed.

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