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frankstleBilly Sep 28, 2014

Orochimaru > Aizen Sosuke ^_^

Zeltomation1 Jul 28, 2014

he is soooo cool 

if your a nice person people will just use you thats what i say so i shut people out of my life including family

he is evil and thats what i like about him 

darkes Oct 16, 2013

he is not evil, he is just a victim greed, greed for knowledge and knowledge is power 

obtain power like that and the nicest person can become the most evil person not because wants to but because he does'nt know any better.

Daveed Feb 8, 2013

Epic character. Quintessence of evil.

deideiblueeyez May 17, 2012

I used to hate him, but that was before I understood how cool evil is. He is a man with class. He doesn't give a SH*T about others. At first I was put off, but it takes real balls to throw people away at the rate he does. The only thing I don't like about him is his willingness to throw away even unique 'toys' of his: He just brushed aside Kimimaro, the last remaining Kaguya and bone-user, just like that.. it puts me off. Keep him! At least keep some of his DNA and inject it into babies like you're so fond of! -__-

But yeah, this guy is such a boss otherwise. Conniving bastard :P

His death glare scares the shit out of me though o_o .. Damn, when he's angry.. Kabuto must have seen him angry before at least once.. how is he not dead?