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Daveed says...

Epic character. Quintessence of evil.

Feb 8, 2013
deideiblueeyez says...

I used to hate him, but that was before I understood how cool evil is. He is a man with class. He doesn't give a SH*T about others. At first I was put off, but it takes real balls to throw people away at the rate he does. The only thing I don't like about him is his willingness to throw away even unique 'toys' of his: He just brushed aside Kimimaro, the last remaining Kaguya and bone-user, just like that.. it puts me off. Keep him! At least keep some of his DNA and inject it into babies like you're so fond of! -__-

But yeah, this guy is such a boss otherwise. Conniving bastard :P

His death glare scares the shit out of me though o_o .. Damn, when he's angry.. Kabuto must have seen him angry before at least once.. how is he not dead?

May 17, 2012
Tjinie says...

I like how even though Orochimaru has died you still see how much impact he had on Akatsuki and that he got killed by Sasuku was such a slap in the face since he was realllly weakenend no jutsu and a rotten body come on >.< 

Apr 29, 2012
Derpsoon says...

Don't be hating on Orochimaru-babes... He's a good guy. Great with kids.

Feb 20, 2012
Red747 says...

I love his name. I mean being named after the eight headed serpent that Susano killed and rescued a sacrifice from.

Its perfect because of sacrifices he uses for immortality.

Dec 15, 2011