Orochimaru main image

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nekosakura says...

I admit, I liked how he looked when he was younger, I thought he was adorable.

He's a bit creepy when he's an adult, but pretty strong, I guess.

I'm still glad he's dead.

Sep 28, 2011
eternaquarius says...

I love his hair *-* XD

Sep 7, 2011
animelover1477 says...

you know wht orochimaru DIE! WHICH YOU DID :Dimm so happy and all you ppl that lke are wierd! hes part of the reason sasuke had to leave T.T poor sasuke

Jul 4, 2011
AkimotoAyumu says...

I love the way he's able to manipulate people, it sends chills down my spine XD

May 25, 2011