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StaBAnime Sep 17, 2015

Naruto is more interesting with Orochimaru alive

Kuroneko1316 Aug 26, 2015

I dont really hate him, but his voice in the dub AND sub are creepy.

AlexaSN Aug 21, 2015

My main reason for hating this guy is because of how freaking creepy he is, he just brings creepyness to a whole new level for me with all the snakes related things. I just can't get over that no matter what I do. But generally speaking Orochimaru didn't even do as much evil as the other evil characters in the Naruto franchise did. 

DunkinDeezNuts6 Aug 16, 2015

I dont hate this guy, I just dislike him with a passion. This mother fucker will not die. Thats so fucking irritating.He just keeps spitting himself out again and again. Then he gets himself killed by sasuke,SASUKE. Really you let this bitch kill you. You didnt think this fucker would go and fuck you up when you were weak.Fucking dumbass. Like fuck, and he's just creepy. And that fucking tongue of his is longer than a horses dick.

Saincev Jul 6, 2015

I think while people say that there was always something wrong with Orochimaru, he wasn't really "evil" in the typical card-carrying villain way when he was young. He just had a very skewed perception of the world because of his experience of losing his parents, and his brilliance. Even so, he was still a ninja of note, and based on the flashbacks he did his best to serve the village, and so was "good" in that sense.

However, his experiences during the war, like losing Tsunade's brother under his watch, people dying, etc. probably warped his skewed perception further. At first he wanted to do his research so that no one else would have to die, like his parents, but in his pursuit of doing so, and the war revealing the world to be full of utterly heartless bastards, he lost his way and just wants to live forever himself.

Basically, he is a case of the road to hell is paved with good intentions.