Orihime INOUE

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ArTizQ says...

I do not understand why this kind of character is always criticized

These style of protagonists, are in fact not very strong. But that is not their goal! I think anyone peoples can understand that a main character is not necessarily powerful ... I think that, on the contrary, they are very important. Because, thanks to them, the hero always find the strength to go further ...

Everyone will say, "She is here only to those breasts", But listen ... it gives one more reason for the hero to save her :D

Finally for my personal opinion, I like Orihime for a moment (I'm only at ep155), she's nice and .... SHE HAS BREAST <3

Sorry if my English was bad, I'm French :)

May 5, 2015
Orangetulips36 says...

Ah, the bigbreasted, naive, healer girl who loves the main character so much, and needs to constantly remind us. Never before have i seen so many female stereotypes come into such a mess of a character. Wanting to protect your friends, does not nescesarily equal moral (hell, if you want a morally adiquite female character, go watch Kino's journey), and certainly not count as a qualification to be an interesting character. It's easy to like stereotypes, thats why they're done so much you know. I can't hate this character, but when I'm expressing my distatste here, it's because I'm angry that this even qualify AS a character - seriously we've seen this to death people.

May 5, 2015
anonymousotaku13 says...


May 5, 2015
avalilien says...

She tries so hard because of Kurosaki kun. She wants Kurosaki kun to notice her. It is not because of her friends. Because she wants Kurosaki kun to save her. She wants to be seen in Kurosaki kun's eyes. She does not want to be lonely because without Kurosaki kun she is the loneliest girl in the world. She forgets that she has ignored Tatsuki for very long time, Tatsuki knows nothing about her powers, her secrets. She keeps so much from Tatsuki. She is not a good friend. She cares more about Kurosaki-kun who does not love her than for Tatsuki.

Jan 16, 2015
PurpleCatAngel says...

She tries her hardest to help her friends and wishes she was stronger. Don't hate her cause she cries a lot or does whatever that makes you not like her.

Nov 9, 2014