Orihime INOUE

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silviepie says...

Wow Orihime sure gets a lot of hate. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being hate and 10 being love, she's at a 5.5 for me. She's a sweet, sensitive girl who dislikes confrontation and wants the best for everyone. She's a little ditzy but she tries her best. She can get a little annoying with the Kurosaki-kunning, but it's not anything vastly different from girls like her in other animes so I never understood the big deal. Overall, I think she's a good person and I don't see why it's wrong that she has a crush on Ichigo, even though I am an extremely passionate IchiRuki shipper. My problem with the end of Bleach was with Kubo, not with Orihime.

Sep 3, 2016
M0M0I says...

best grill.

haters are just jealous she gets ichigo's D and they don't. 

Sep 1, 2016
WendyHitsugaya says...

Is she Useless no? is she annoying yeah? 

i mean SHE'S JUST YOUR TYPICAL CLICHE CHARACTER , true she's sweet and hot but she lacks character development and at the same time I don't really know her purpose or her power in the series more likely she's just a plot device and a fan service thing.

regarding her crush with Ichigo, I don't think that true love seriously, if it wasn't for Ichigo saving her back then she wouldn't have met him or know him, and I probably guess that she fell in love with the guy due to his shinigami powers -_- 

Aug 4, 2016
WatashiDake says...

Why is she even on the hate list :\ and on the first page too ?!! 

Jul 29, 2016
nek0mimi says...

Fun drinking game: Watch an episode of Bleach (from the second part of the Hueco Mundo arc for the best results, but most episodes will probably work) and take a shot every time she whines "Kurosaki-kun!" 100% guarantee you'll be wasted by the end of the episode.

I just thought this up when I was watching that episode where Ichigo fights Nnoitra and after at least seven Kurosaki-kuns in a row I was thinking "Damn, I really need a bottle right now." That episode was very hard to finish.

Jul 6, 2016