Orihime INOUE

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WendyHitsugaya says...

I don't know why but she annoys me, i guess it's because she's just a typical cliche eye candy who always say the name of her beloved -_- and the fact that she wants to fight despite knowing what are his abilities are 

Apr 25, 2016
TaintedSoul177 says...

She's really annoying what is her purpose in the show anyway? besides obsessing over a guy who doesn't want anything to do with her or whinning all time. She's a pointless character I honestly can't stand her she's terrible at fighting (she's doesn't even fight) she terrible at cooking, she's dull headed all she has is her huge boobs I hope they sufficate her while she's sleeping.. muahahaha 

Mar 23, 2016
Cherie says...

She is one of the few girls in anime that truly like. Actually she is a lot like me. And I think she has way more of a likable personality than Rukia. I believe that wanting to protect those you care about may be a stereotypical trait of a lot of anime chicks but this one actually has the power to shield & heal her friends. So, i dont believe that she is a stereotypical character. And many people are much more suited to healing & protecting than fighting. I know Rukia is well liked by many but, I think Orihime is more useful because of her attitude along with her special powers. 

Jan 15, 2016
Epimondas says...

My biggest problems with her revolve around how dangerous she is to her own friends either by her reckless ignorance (and/or stupidity), or by her guillable nature whereby enemies convince her somehow so easily and successfully to aid them against her own so-called friends.  With friends like her, who really needs enemies anymore?

Oct 24, 2015
KisaraBear says...

She's a freaking medic people! Without her, Ichigo would probably be dead. And not just Ichigo, many others.

She's very sweet, kind, thoughtful and caring. I think she's only hated because of how pretty she is and how big her boobs are. It might be jealousy, and it might just be,

"Oh, if the girl has big boobs and acts like a bit of a ditz I must dislike them. Ew."

If you like Ichigo, which, if you watch Bleach, you most likely do -- thank your lucky stars Orihime is in the anime or else the guy would probably be dead.

Sep 14, 2015