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Alquds98 Sep 10, 2016

Ugh why the Nunnally hate guys she screwed up once with schniezel (or however you spell it) you cant hate her for the one time. Not like it was on purpose.

mganai Aug 1, 2015

Her only real mistake was trusting Schneizel. Having the ability to tell lies and not using it on the worst in the series... really?

Had Lelouch been able to save her before Schneizel spirited her away, there wouldn't be any Zero Requiem, which would've been a good thing.

soulbrazier Mar 23, 2015

Admittedly, it's still upsetting to see how high up the hated list she is... But at least there are still more people that like her as opposed to dislike.

soulbrazier Mar 23, 2015

It's between her and Lelouch as to who my number one in all of Code Geass is, so naturally I like her a lot... Though with what happened at the end of the Anime, I was correct to assume what kind of comments I'd see... Though not as many as I thought.

She did what she thought she had to do, and if she had known Lelouch's plans who knows what she would have tried to do... I wish he could have told her, but that would have ruined his plan, despite the pain he knew it would cause...

clivingston Mar 12, 2015

ugh only seen the first season but cant stand the girl. maybe its the voice in the dub but she drives me nuts. very weak and all she does is whine. her only purpose is to show to the viewers a reason for lelouche to hate britannia, so i dont know why the put her on as much as they did. very damn annoying imo