Nobuyuki SUGOU

Alt titles: Fairy King Oberon

Nobuyuki SUGOU main image

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Trebel says...

Never have I been so angry at an anime antagonist. I literally was in tears when Kirito came to visit Asuna while she still hadn't woken up. I couldn't keep my composure while Noboyuki blatantly rubbed it in Kirito's face that he was practically going to force Asuna into marrying her, when he made it apparante that Asuna's life was in his hands. I still cringe when I think back to watching that episode. :'(

Mar 1, 2015
sinfulGurotesque says...

This fucker. This sociopathic motherfucker. I can't. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Feb 3, 2015
Xephyer says...

What a dis grace to anime! this character was utter Bullshit! the most sickest fucker i've seen so far

Jan 28, 2015
deideiblueeyez says...

I think I'll watch the anime just to see if you guys are using hyperbole to describe this guy.

Jan 10, 2015