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Nnoitra JIRUGA

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llVIU avatar llVIU
Oct 7, 2012

yeah he did a cheapshot on grimmjow, but he didn't kill him. He got piled up by several characters and still held his ground,  he only got defeated (barely) by some other overpowered character that finaly aknowledged someone... but afterwards? no credit to nnoitra's devotion... but when ichigo does it, everyone has orgasms... oh wait, ichigo barely has any ambition since he fought gin, how amazing /sarcasm

default avatar Heruvima
Apr 1, 2011

There is NO spoon! He-he. Awesome!

eclipsedwonder avatar eclipsedwonder
Sep 10, 2010

no character love for this one :(. I hate cheapo cheaters. 

zombieiscool avatar zombieiscool
Aug 11, 2010

This guy is friggin awesome

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