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Skylos says...

NicoNicoDesu's comment made me laugh harder and longer than what is considered normal. XD

Oct 15, 2012
llVIU says...

I didn't pay much attention to the anime because it seemed boring... probably because of characters like her. I can clearly remember one scene where she would just spout boring bullshit like "no i are not prety u r" with some other bitch exactly like her... oh god... I'd go on, but the saddest thing is that most 16 year old anime girls are like this, makes me want to blow my brains out

Oct 7, 2012
NicoNicoDesu says...

A moment of silence for the innocent table, please.

Jul 25, 2012
ButcherT says...

Table rape made me horny something must be very wrong with me..

but this bitch is dumb. does something wich is obviously going to be bad and doesn't even notice it lol

Jun 27, 2012