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ericrodbug says...

Did you guys even watch the whole series? 'Cause if you did, and you still hate Nina, then you didn't understand the point.

Did you all conveniently forget that she was being manipulated by Schneizel to create the FLEIJA when she was emotionally unstable? And after that, she learned her lesson and even helped in fixing that mess. Lelouch himself even said at the end that she's a good person.

And about her racism, it was implied that it came from fear, and I think the writers could have deepened more in that matter, but sadly they didn't. Also, at the end she was implied to get over her xenophobia.

It saddens me how much hate she gets even after her redemption and development, 'cause she's my favorite character in the show.

Oct 25, 2014
thebarfscarf says...

"All this hate on a drawing."Why even watch if you're not going to get into it? The ability to rouse emotions from people is what makes a good character designer. The very fact that so much hatred and emotion is directed towards the characters of this show is the proof that the characters are truly brilliant. They're so complete that we actually think of them as real people while we're watching. Without the emotion like that, the show simply loose all water - I mean, giant robots and power that makes you obey? C'mon. It's about the political themes and the emotions. And that's what justifies the hatred and the love for that matter. 

Sep 15, 2014
TheVArious7 says...

All this merciless hate on a drawing. 

Aug 9, 2014
FlutterBOSS says...

Man, she is so irritating! Deluded, self-absorbed, racist, unlikable little freak. "Falls in love" with Euphy for no valid reason then acts as if she owns her, creates weapon of mass destruction and then is surprised when it causes mass destrction, unspeakable acts of horror against innocent Table-kun, etc. Bring back Shirley, Rolo, and Euphy and you can have Nina!

Aug 2, 2014
drunkenturtle says...

god nina in code geass was the MOST annoying character ever. 

Jul 26, 2014