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Mendacious Feb 22, 2015

She was not humping a table, she was using it to masturbate to a picture of Euphemia. It was to demonstrate that she is a lesbian.

FeelyFeel Feb 21, 2015

Disgusting obssesive whore. That table didn't deserve it at all. And am I the only one who thought why the hell they added that scene?

icewizard Feb 20, 2015

can someone be anymore pathetic?!

ButtPlug Jan 3, 2015

Table-kun did not deserve that.

Noriko Dec 28, 2014

I had to re-watch that table scene to CONFIRM whether or not my mind is simply perverted. Glad I'm not perverted, she was really humping the table. But yeah, she's creepy I don't like her.