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Kuroneko1316 says...


Sep 4, 2015
Discontent says...


That wasn't masturbation.

She raped poor Table-kun.

He'll never be the same again.

Jun 18, 2015
MikaHime says...

I can understand all the reasons why she is hated. 

... but the table scene? Sure, it was strange (first, I didn't even understand what she was doing), but isn't masturbation a natural thing? If she did it with her fingers would it be that horrible? 

Really, I didn't like her, but to hate her for that scene seems a bit too much for me. In every other thing she did, I agree with all the people here^^

Jun 7, 2015
Couchtiger says...

I was disappointed that she was still alive at the end of the series.

May 4, 2015
soulbrazier says...

...Well... I was going to until I saw the number, but I have absolutely no intention of reading through all those comments...

I can see why she is considerably high on the hate list, but by the end I was more or less fine with her... At least enough to say that I didn't specifically dislike her... Though until the last few episodes came I was prepared to stick her on the shit-list solely because she made that nuke... F.R.E.I.J.Y.A... Or something like that... I only remember how it sounded like, not how it was spelled... But again, since they ended up safe, I didn't mind anymore.

Mar 23, 2015