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Discontent says...


That wasn't masturbation.

She raped poor Table-kun.

He'll never be the same again.

Jun 18, 2015
MikaHime says...

I can understand all the reasons why she is hated. 

... but the table scene? Sure, it was strange (first, I didn't even understand what she was doing), but isn't masturbation a natural thing? If she did it with her fingers would it be that horrible? 

Really, I didn't like her, but to hate her for that scene seems a bit too much for me. In every other thing she did, I agree with all the people here^^

Jun 7, 2015
Couchtiger says...

I was disappointed that she was still alive at the end of the series.

May 4, 2015
soulbrazier says...

...Well... I was going to until I saw the number, but I have absolutely no intention of reading through all those comments...

I can see why she is considerably high on the hate list, but by the end I was more or less fine with her... At least enough to say that I didn't specifically dislike her... Though until the last few episodes came I was prepared to stick her on the shit-list solely because she made that nuke... F.R.E.I.J.Y.A... Or something like that... I only remember how it sounded like, not how it was spelled... But again, since they ended up safe, I didn't mind anymore.

Mar 23, 2015
clivingston says...

i love this character. dont see how so many dislike her. and damn, the only thing she used the tale for was to hold the picture of the women she was masturbating to.. so what? even if it was the table that just makes it even hotter.

anyway she has a crush on another female, so i guess thats why people dont like her? idk. i liked her in the show.

Mar 12, 2015