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Zechariah12 Sep 13, 2016

Damn this bitch PLEASE GO DIE 

Panta Sep 6, 2016

Develops an unhealthy obsession with Euphemia, whom she's met like once and doesn't know personally. Then is willing to detonate a nuclear bomb that would have wiped out an entire city (full of innocent people) just to get back at Lelouch. On top of which she creates a weapon which kills 35 million people. Her insanity can't excuse her atrocities.

She was willing to kill thousands to get at one man, and she actually did kill millions. Whether or not she pulled the trigger, she built the goddamn gun; she knew what she was building and what it was capable of - she can't be so stupid to not realise what a bomb is built for.She's a mess of mental issues and a war criminal and just thoroughly unlikeable. She needed to be in padded cell at the end, not around people, free, where she could potentially snap again and murder someone else.

yellowfishman Aug 31, 2016

Nina I want to punch you in the head. 

HumanistFluttershy Apr 17, 2016

I don't care if she admit the wrong things she did, it was her god damn responsibility!

Also, RIP Table-kun

galpal Mar 11, 2016

I don't think she has a single redeaming quality.