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colourmyworld says...

Near couldn't have done anything alone, unlike L. 

He doesn't even deserve to be considered L's replacement. It makes me so mad to even think about. 

Dec 23, 2011
Airotia says...

People give Near a little too much credit. He wouldn't have managed to catch Kira if it weren't for L's previous research, Mello's sacrifice, and Mikami's fucking up. Near is colder than both L and Mello, and while it can be argued that the complete lack of emotion makes him a better detective, it makes him so inhuman that sometimes I think he's a little boy android or something. Watching him is almost unsettling to me. When his subordinates died, he didn't bat an eyelash. L at least apologized and seemed remorseful, and Mello did the whole, "Sorry, Matt," thing when he knew Matt was going to die. Mello and L didn't completely break down about it or anything, but they did react. Near views all people as game pieces, and while L and Mello do the same thing, L has a better understanding of emotion and actually wanted to get closer to people, and Mello lets out his emotion in bursts of anger. Near just sits. And stares. And messes with creepy dolls. And talks in a deadpan voice. Creepy little bastard.

Nov 25, 2011
FrozenSilver says...

... I know this is probably sad... but seeing Near as the fourth most hated character on here made me extremely happy

The reason for this being that near drives me insane. Sure, he's like L in some ways, but all in all, L was more humble and likable than near. For example, L calls Light his best friend, and even though he suspects Light of being Kira, he doesn't get cocky when Light is wrong, or could be wrong. He takes everyone seriously and has an interesting personality. Near, on the other hand, taunts light right away, and enjoys seeing him screw up. This is where my hate for Near originated. 

Nov 12, 2011
Jojalee says...

Um, Near is not L...they're two different people. So he looks a bit like L; Near probably looked up to him, and humans naturally immatate people they look up to :L But calling him an L 'wannabe' is actually quite stupid. He was doing his job, and he finished it with success. Not sure how he can be hated for that :/

Sep 30, 2011
ZephyrNL says...

why is he so hated hes awesome o.0 xD

Sep 26, 2011