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Jojalee says...

Um, Near is not L...they're two different people. So he looks a bit like L; Near probably looked up to him, and humans naturally immatate people they look up to :L But calling him an L 'wannabe' is actually quite stupid. He was doing his job, and he finished it with success. Not sure how he can be hated for that :/

Sep 30, 2011
ZephyrNL says...

why is he so hated hes awesome o.0 xD

Sep 26, 2011
zonkiethegreat says...

WHAT?? People hate Near more then Light?? Near is so cute! AND he caught that bastard!

Sep 20, 2011
Howlorihara says...

My only issue with Near is, he is an L wannabe without being as awesome as L.  He seems like an L clone that lacks any of L's intensity and intrigue.  When L played with his food, it felt like it really was a cathardic or fun part of his life.  However, with Near, I always got the feeling that he played with toys because he was TRYING to look cool, not because he got any enjoyment out of them.  Also, L actually had a personality that definately came through, wheras Near is just so deadpan ALL THE TIME!  His range of facial expressions is deadpan, intense look, creepy smile.  There is nothing else to him.  I could even deal with all of that... if he weren't so boring.

Sep 16, 2011
Jare says...

How can you hate this kid? ): sigh. He really does remind me of L, plus he's way more mature than Mello. Near also has the same habits and quirks as L, which is just adorable :D

Sep 5, 2011