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ReemSenpai Sep 24, 2014

WTF!! Near is one of my most beloved charachters ever !!

Why do you hate him ? :'( 

L is L , Near is Near .. Don't compare ! 

L's Death wasn't Near's fault -.- 

So shut the fuck up x'D

ImaKirby Sep 13, 2014

I freaking hated Near after the last episode!

NimbusCloud Aug 15, 2014

Its not that i "hate" Near, its just that L was sooo much better. Its hard to go from a charecter as awesome as L to this kid

VongolaJuudaime Jun 13, 2014

Light and L did almost the work so don't give him too much credit 

VongolaJuudaime Jun 13, 2014

I hate Near cause he is so childish there are almost no crimes when L was gone. Actually I had no problem if L won or Kira won. When L died I hoped that we will get a timeskip with no more crimes then him passing the identity Kira and his death note to his Son or Daughter then the End. People give him too much credit cause Light and L did almost the work. It was okay for someone to replace L but I think It should be someone Mature and smarter than L but what do we Mello and Near, actually Mello was better than Near and a better sucessor than Near. We could also have in the end someone who also has a death note so we can have another death note series. I found a great fiction about a New Kira, Near and a another L. I wished Misa gave birth to Light Child, his son will take revenge on Near or his son will become the New L if someone kills Near. Maybe the producers told the creator of death note to end Death this way to teach kids murder is bad. Its okay with me if Light lost to Near if it took like decade since he is not as experienced as L. Overall a terrible ending and Near is an overall terrible character