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leitch16 says...

(SPOILERS)This character is the sole reason the second portion of Death Note really falls flat on its face in my humble opinion. I can't fathom why the writer felt that he needed an L 2.0, there's a difference between a successor and a character that is a very obnoxious rip-off. His entire character I find infuriating, and he pulls his victory right out of his ass. With L we got to see him formulate plans and take risks to execute them, Near gets a couple scenes of him figuring things out and then just pulls the big reveal in the last episode. It just feels like Light was cheated out of a victory for the sake of political correctness (can't have a mass murderer winning, can we?). /rant

Jun 3, 2013
darkill17 says...

I really hate Near and the main reason isn't because it's try to be L it's because he think is BETTER that L, you small piece of ****.

For me Death Note end when this guy and Mello's enter in the series and i will never accept this guy and the other one, even if i watch a million of times (And even if a watch i am going to hate even more this guy's).

May 3, 2013
AllantheCat says...

I can't believe Near is so hated. I really love this guy. I might even like him more than L. But both are awesome.

Apr 12, 2013
PurpleCatAngel says...

I don't like Near because he thinks everything is a puzzle and it deserves to be solved. Plus he's annoying.

Apr 8, 2013
PacingTheDirewolf says...

The main reason Near bothers me is because he pretty much looks JUST LIKE L, except for the fact that he is younger and has white hair. Also, he tends to act like he is so much better than L. He even disrespects him. 

I wish L didnt die......

Mar 27, 2013