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jeffoone says...

I dislike / hate Near. Why? Not because he has beem repliced for L - who was a great character - but because of how quickly he knew Light Yagami was the murderer - he has done nothing and the author just wanted to kill of Light Yagamis character.... 

Near did not put any work into finding out who was the murderer, he just used L's research and badoom , takes all the credit. 

Nov 29, 2014
ReemSenpai says...

WTF!! Near is one of my most beloved charachters ever !!

Why do you hate him ? :'( 

L is L , Near is Near .. Don't compare ! 

L's Death wasn't Near's fault -.- 

So shut the fuck up x'D

Sep 24, 2014
ImaKirby says...

I freaking hated Near after the last episode!

Sep 13, 2014
NimbusCloud says...

Its not that i "hate" Near, its just that L was sooo much better. Its hard to go from a charecter as awesome as L to this kid

Aug 15, 2014
VongolaJuudaime says...

Light and L did almost the work so don't give him too much credit 

Jun 13, 2014