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SherlockedKhadz Mar 3, 2015

I understand why people hate Near but for me he is amazing. Obviously he is nowhere close to L but he still managed to solve it and hoodwink Light. 

Mendacious Feb 22, 2015

@ChaoticSilence I did not really care too much for Near. A kid detective, come on! I thought his grin was hilarious though given the circumstances. Near sitting safely in a bunker playing with his toys watching TV screens of people rioting and getting killed outside while he dishes them all with snide comments.

CynicalGamer Feb 22, 2015

I think Light puts it best: "Near, you are far inferior to L". Where L has rational, believable reasons for suspecting Light and engages him in exciting mind games, Near suspects Light because if he didn't there would be no conflict.

Yangirei96 Feb 21, 2015

I like him, but L is better

Efox Jan 24, 2015

I read 6 pages of this and i should say, i strongly dissagree with others, yes Near didn't really do much, and didn't bright as shine as L but he DID show off his smart side, yes he might be asshole and not as caring as L , but he is still one that put stupid yagami in his place =.= i hate yagami the most, so i was very pleased with near,+ the fact that they made him look like L to me was good because i missed L's posture and i loved seing near look like L :(