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QueenOfTheMods says...

Like everybody else, I cant help but wonder how anyone could hate Near xD Yeah, he was really disrespectful towards L, but he's still an awesome guy. 

Aug 29, 2012
kunisama17 says...

Why does everyone hate him? He didnt do anything evil. He had a strong sense of justice and not to mention he looks adorable.

Jun 15, 2012
HazelMizuki says...

In support of Near!  He's a great character - I love autistic types - this guy's completely helpless at living life but he can get all up in Kira's business and make things very very difficult for Kira.  If he does so thanks to the participation of others, he acknowledges as much, and holds L and Mello in brotherly love and esteem.  He got all into Light's psychology cool as a cucumber.  Sure, Light had become too complacent by the time Near came along.  Near out-thinks Light, and he does so in the very interesting way of being bolder than L was - this guy isn't effing around.  I'm a big fan of L, but after I finished the series and mulled it for a while, I realized that Near had what it took to get Light that L didn't have - the willingness to not just push at the edge but to push over it.  After 4 years of Kira's Reign of Terror, maybe it was time for that.  I would love to see Near's future.

May 24, 2012
RissaChan says...

Warum mag niemand Near ?Er ist super knuffig !!Er ist ein Detektiv !!UND ER HAT HAARE ZUM AUSRASTEN SO KNUFFIG SIND DIE !!!

Near du bis super knuffig ich glaube an dich du wirst einmal die welt neben L-sama beherschen *,.,* 

Apr 1, 2012
Anathemus says...

how come there's so much hate for this character? not nearly as good as L, not very likeable for sure, but why so much hate? don't get it... he has his moments and he gets Light in the end

Mar 23, 2012