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Anachor Jun 24, 2015

Well, Near must be a level above L. L had go great lengths to find the location of Kira, And Near identified Mikami just by, well, just by watching a bunch of fucking video footage. That's when really started to lose faith in show, well if they had do the "Good defeats Evil" thing, at least let light be defeated by an worthy opponent (L), not a poor excuse of a replacement of L.

kurumi10v3r Apr 19, 2015

He is nothing but a poorly made copy of L. You could overcome L? Make me laugh. You never would win Kira if L had not done 90% of the work and not had the help of Mello and Matt. Near is arrogant and think he's superior to others. I hate him

SherlockedKhadz Mar 3, 2015

I understand why people hate Near but for me he is amazing. Obviously he is nowhere close to L but he still managed to solve it and hoodwink Light. 

Mendacious Feb 22, 2015

@ChaoticSilence I did not really care too much for Near. A kid detective, come on! I thought his grin was hilarious though given the circumstances. Near sitting safely in a bunker playing with his toys watching TV screens of people rioting and getting killed outside while he dishes them all with snide comments.

CynicalGamer Feb 22, 2015

I think Light puts it best: "Near, you are far inferior to L". Where L has rational, believable reasons for suspecting Light and engages him in exciting mind games, Near suspects Light because if he didn't there would be no conflict.