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KyokoMagica42 Sep 14, 2015

Pros and cons to his character: 

+ Reminds me of L 

+ perceptive and mature for a like ten-year old

- retarded ending

- OP

I'm indifferent, I guess. Can't press either button.

dianalarahoran Sep 6, 2015

For me, i love/hate him. The reason i love him is because.. well.. he kind of remind me of L (which was my favourite character in the whole damn show.. and i freaking cried when he died) Also, because he has white hair.. (i just absolutely love white haired characters) And well.. the reason i hate him is because he's basically a rip off of him..

DeliriumRetrospect Aug 1, 2015

I enjoy Near. I enjoy his eccentric personality, creative way of thinking, rationality-over-emotionality methodology and his objectively expressive use of mental stimulation. Like L, Near as a character is yet another of very few in both the fictional and tangible worlds that I can personally relate with, therefore I cannot deny a love for him; I do not think that this relation removes any sense of originality to his character, however. I disbelieve that anyone can truthfully deny that this character is unique unless being compared to L - which too many make the mistake of doing, I whitness. With that being said, Near as an inclusion in the series disappoints me; not because of the character itself, but because of his placement in the series. As many others so deem, I feel that the series **** with L, and Near is a disappointing replacement to finish it off with. He did not belong where he was placed and did not deserve the right to his accomplishments, but over all, I did enjoy this character, and I do not believe that he deserves hateful and poor reviews simply because of his placement and replacement in the series.

To be frank, I would have been quite satisfied if the series had ended with showing that L had not actually given Near the title, but only passed this case onto him in order to gain some sort of mental growth or stimulation - as a test, more or less. That would have made more sense in all retrospects, but pity. So much potential and so little use of it.

Altair3140 Jul 15, 2015

Near is one of the better characters of Death Note, and the last 1/3 of the show DOESN'T SUCK!

However, I hate Near because he is essentially a copy of L, almost a cop-out way of keeping the show going. Also, I'm a Light-Worshipper, so...

DragonFeather Jul 13, 2015

I was so surprised to find out everyone hated Near. When I reached the part where L died, I wanted to quit reading. I couldn't believe that he would die half-way through the series, and I thought the rest of it would be bunk. Granted, it's not near as good as the first half, but when I find out there were two new opponents for Light, Mello and Near, I had hope. I hated Mello right off. He's practically as bad as Light is. (He's a little better later on, though.) But I always liked Near. He is really emotionless and I believe there was something about him always needing afermation from others? And he said that L wasn't good enough and lost the game. But honestly he's a really good opponent for Light and does eventually bring him to an end. All that debate about whether or not he used the Death Note to do it - well, if he did, that's pretty bad, but I still don't see why he should be so high on the hate list.