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MrOrangeHorseman Nov 10, 2016

Why does Near get so much hate? I like him as a character.

Give me a flame shield.

wavedimp089 Oct 2, 2016

How this character could be hated ? It's one of my favorite and I'm worthy of a true otaku

catomicatomica Aug 28, 2016

I don't understand how "I miss L" makes a good reason to hate him. However, I don't like this guy. His smugness kinda pisses me off.

AoiNomura Aug 23, 2016

OH come on what's with all this hate towards near? I don't hate him but also don't like him but at least he managed to show that light is Kira! 

For me L is still the best character in death note but it's not fair that near gets all this hate -.- 

nek0mimi Aug 6, 2016

Boring, cheap knockoff of L. Mello's not much better but at least he has a personality beyond some L-like traits. Death Note went to the slaughterhouse after L's death. Quite a shame.