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StaBAnime says...

Can'T understand why he is so hated, he was the one that finished the work started by L

Nov 17, 2015
azizbapora2015 says...

the best detective than L near its so strong . he manage to prove that  yagami light its KIRA .

Nov 16, 2015
Nexca says...

Omg I love Near lol

Sep 14, 2015
KyokoMagica42 says...

Pros and cons to his character: 

+ Reminds me of L 

+ perceptive and mature for a like ten-year old

- retarded ending

- OP

I'm indifferent, I guess. Can't press either button.

Sep 14, 2015
dianalarahoran says...

For me, i love/hate him. The reason i love him is because.. well.. he kind of remind me of L (which was my favourite character in the whole damn show.. and i freaking cried when he died) Also, because he has white hair.. (i just absolutely love white haired characters) And well.. the reason i hate him is because he's basically a rip off of him..

Sep 6, 2015