Alt titles: Salamander

Natsu DRAGNEEL main image

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greedyoyster says...

seriously, why is he popular? his fights are boring and predictable

Jul 9, 2014
xCanaxCherry says...

Totally agree with MechaChimera. Natsu annoys me. And his fangirls annoy me even more.

Jun 15, 2014
Fortenium says...

Basically the reason I bothered watching beyond episode 2 in Fairy Tail... he's really enjoyable from the stupid and overly chaotic things he does, and when he goes all badass

Feb 27, 2014
godofanime101 says...

Jul 16, 2013
MechaChimera says...

As powerful as the plot demands and often without rhyme or reason, getting tossed aside like a ragdoll when it doesn't matter and pulling fire out of his behind when it does. To make it worse, he's a total gloryhog because "hey he's the protagonist" and ends up fighting every arc villain when frankly I don't feel he deserves to. Let Gray or Erza fight the main villain for once.

He's almost as one-dimensional as protagonists get, and just because it's funny as heck watching him get motion sick every now and again doesn't make him really an interesting character at all.

Jun 18, 2013