Aka: Salamander

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animeaddict20 Feb 8, 2017

biggest asshole ever...rants about so fucking annoying

Adyth Feb 1, 2017

E.N.D -> eternal natsu dragneel -> the strongest demon of zeref's book 

ImmaToaster Nov 23, 2016

natsu is an asshole :v

Unknowingly007 Nov 17, 2016

 i Hate Natsu Dragneel  Because He is Demon like little Nicky  in Also He is Crazy like hurricane please people do not watch fairy tail Show 👎 Natsu is firestarter!! I don't know Why hiro mashima draw Him like that...🔥🔥

MrOrangeHorseman Oct 28, 2016

Hyper, loud, and annoyingly obsessed with fighting and breaking things.

I love it.