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MariaTimeBomb says...

I've only seen 16 episodes or so from Shippuden,but in the original series he was quite annoying. >.>

Jan 29, 2015
Xephyer says...

Still a kid no matter what 

Jan 21, 2015
kurumi10v3r says...

'' I hate people who lie to themselves '' Ah, but it's okay if I pretend to like a girl simply because of a rivalry with another guy

Jan 4, 2015
Cloud4321 says...

Personally, apart from the jokester side, Naruto always reminded me of myself. Being bullied and ridiculed was something I could relate to. It wasn’t long before I was addicted to the series of Naruto and Shippuden through this connection, and I’m thankful for it. It’s been an emotional, comedic, and enjoyable experience.

It was interesting watching how Naruto developed, he’s changed a lot since the series began. It was particularly interested watching him interact with other Jinchuuriki like Gaara, and his confrontation with Pain as well. Through encounters such as these Naruto grew more and more aware of the world around him. In essence it’s the same for me, I’m trying to make sense of this world, and I’m still struggling even to this day. How can we stop the hatred in this world? It’s a question that Naruto has had to face because not only does it apply to Sasuke, but it also applies the concept of war and conflict in general.

Nov 8, 2014
SugoiKawaii says...

He needs to quit smoking

Oct 29, 2014