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Pokeboyjake says...

This little b***h is so damn annoying!

May 27, 2016
shwetha says...

Who and all states Naruto is annoying are actually very irritating characters. they are irritating and annoying not naruto

May 1, 2016
jenit says...

hate him for life most ugliest and most dickriden character i have ever seen hope he dies in the new series tired of his existence 

Apr 2, 2016
KawaiiPigChan says...

Naruto is one of my favorite anime characters, but in "Naruto", I admit he was REALLY annoying saying Dattebayo every 30 seconds and making dumb promises like "I'll protect you no matter what" to what seems EVERY person he met. But in Naruto Ship, he became less annoying and more awesome XD Now he's hokage


Mar 28, 2016
Epimondas says...

It is hard to really like Naruto because of how utterly stupid he is.  Almost every opportunity he has to prove otherwise ends in abject disappointment.  I understand he may just have alot of growing to do but what adds to the frustration is how often his stupidity proves to be a problem and how little he ever, ever learns from most of his mistakes which usually regard his rashness and lack of any hint of functioning brain cells.  I keep hoping upon hope he someday proves he has at least a few brains cells and better than a 20 point IQ but I hav yet to see that save for some very rare flashes of what seems to be accidental genius or sheer luck on his part.  Another reason it is such a pain to watch is, nearly every one else is twice as smart or smarter than Naruto even children half or less than half his age.  I really would love to see him finally get a clue.  How long will it take for him to even match a kindergartener's intellect though?  After the time skip and years of training and experience, I still fail to see any hope for the future that his mind will ever work.  No wonder everyone else is passing him up.  It isn't quite that I hate him but he does push me to that direction frequently from the sheer frustration of watching how little he ever learns or rarely he ever uses his head for either the simplest solutions which should be easy or the most needed and when he should resort to his wit.  I like him and watching him, but I can't stand how little he ever thinks and how rarely he ever learns that even the most obvious answers seem to elude him.

He doesn't say that annoying repetitive phrase as much anymore because he found a new one "What's going on here?". He says this even when it is as plain as day which only seems to show how stupid he is.

In the second series, he is even more so always so angry it's annoying.  His voice even constantly sounds like he is on the verge of a tantrum.  This alone wouldn't be so irksome if it weren't for the fact that his reckless behavior spawned by his quick or perhaps always peeved off attitude and over obsession with Sasuke, didn't constantly miraculously convince others even people of high rank and responsibilities to let him continue on with his self destructive haphazard farce against their own nature and duties just to satisfy his lack of emotional control and obsessions.  Do responsible adults usually let the kids they are in charge of run the show?  No that would be irresponsible, yet it is for the most part what I see with Naruto.  I really want to say his determination and charisma are positive things, but not when it is done in such an irresponsible and reckless manner as it usually is.  It almost feels more like him brainwashing or hypnotizing others to do his bidding irregardless of how dangerous or against their own principles and duties.  I do like seeing the occasional flashes of him improving as few and far between as they seem to be and the best episode so far was probably about episode 43 when Sakura cried after watching what was happening to Naruto in his demon form.

Feb 13, 2016