Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #12,099
Rank #10,892

With no mother, a terminally ill father and an admission to a university, Nao Kanzaki could definitely have used some cash – though the Liar Game isn’t what she had in mind. Her exceptionally naïve nature and good spirits ensure that Nao is perpetually locked into the game and easily falls for others’ mistruths. However, her weakness is also a strength as she believes there’s good in everyone and tries her best to help others escape their fate.

Though sometimes working alone, Nao often has Shinichi by her side in the Liar Game.  

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silviepie Sep 3, 2016

To this day, I still believe Kaitani Shinobu, the mangaka of Liar Game, is the smartest mangaka in existence.

Regarding Nao, I don't "love" love her per se, but I find her position and role in the story to be brilliantly disguised. She isn't very bright, and has traditionally annoying behavior with how many times she gets tricked, but after reading the series closer, I realized that I was the one who was fooled. If you read between the lines, it becomes obvious that Nao's genuine nature and unshakable faith in humanity are essentially what allowed Akiyama to take down the organization behind the game. Nao trips and falls and messes up, but she slowly (very slowly, you might argue) comes to grow. She's an earnest character at heart, which makes her different from a lot of the hallow, stupid heroines out there. In the end, she - not Akiyama - was the one who realized that the only way to literally, logistically take down LGT was to combine all of the players' opposing interests. She proved to the other characters and to the reader that truth would eventually triump over lies.

Just brilliant, Kaitani-sensei. Bravo!

MathSD Dec 10, 2014

she can surpass all levels of naiveté and be really REALLY annoying to the point that u wanna punch her face!!!