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Alt titles: Nanamin, Ponytail

Nanami AOYAMA image
Rank #816
Rank #2,683


default avatar Happy1999
Jan 22, 2014

Annoying :| 

default avatar byperbam
Aug 31, 2013

I was so friggin sad that she never actually confessed her love. She was the second girl and the obvious loser but I WANTED HER TO WIN SO BAD! Like seriously, she deserved it.

Levolpehh avatar Levolpehh
Jul 8, 2013

What is all this Nanami hate? :{ She was clearly best girl! ;-;

Inherit avatar Inherit
Apr 16, 2013

She is just as bad as Sorata...

Carreau avatar Carreau
Apr 7, 2013

She makes me not want to continue to watch this show.

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