Aka: Nanamin, Ponytail

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Akzhu7 says...

She is so cute and lovely! she really loves Sorata and don't have a can of tuna for a brain like Mashiro lol.

Best girl ever!

Jul 11, 2016
Dissey says...

Spoiler alert!

Aoyama was the only reason this anime didn't get more than 4/5 stars...Always so annoying and selfish, Getting in the way of Mashiro and Sorata. Daichi MIYAHARA Tried to save the anime by confessing but got turned down =( Whyy Aoyama whyyy!

Mashiro and Sorata all the way ^^

Nov 15, 2015
Neko8shonen says...

The episode in which Sorata left Mashiro waiting for him on the roof just to get Aoyama to her auditions made me so upset. I really don't like her :<

Sorata x Mashiro all the way XD

Sep 18, 2015
AstralMUD says...

tfw best girl loses

Dec 20, 2014
RamkoX12X says...

Best girl for Sorata. I mean, Mashiro was awesome as well, but Nanami deserved him more.

Oct 12, 2014