Mr. Satan

Alt titles: Hercule, Mr. Savage

Mr. Satan main image

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TheTempest says...

Thanks for making Videl. (i don't know what kind of woman this guy got, but sheesh, got lucky, yo)

Aug 11, 2013
llVIU says...

come on, he may be obnoxious but he saved people numerous times and he did some stupid funny things... even tho he wasted a lot of screentime, but that's just how dbz is... it tends to drag a lot

Oct 7, 2012
MysticToast says...

He's the strongest.

Everyone else uses "tricks".

Apr 6, 2011
darkreaper321 says...

I dont hate him but its his fans i really hate them i mean common nappa destroys an army in dbz but people in dbz are still stupid enough to believe his crap.

Mar 20, 2011
EndoEnraiha says...

This character is better of dead; takes too much of the valuable screen time. Provides little to no comedic relief and possibly the most annoying character on Dragonball Kai.

Feb 26, 2011