Monkey D. Luffy

Alt titles: Straw Hat

Monkey D. Luffy main image

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PrettyBookWorm says...

Luffy! The bestest friend anyone could have and the worst enemy. 

Jan 14, 2015
rusame15 says...

aww nobody can't hate our meat loving lu-lu-lu-luffy sama!!!

Dec 24, 2014
keko998 says...

ooooooooooooo LUffy 

Oct 16, 2014
mrdazzle says...

at least he is live, he isn't dead and live again and bla bla bla.

love one piece v^^

Sep 24, 2014
jumpjet says...

If any of you said that luffy is copying goku, its half true. I think Oda use goku as first step to create luffy that we know today. Its different between developed character than just copy-cat-character. So sum it up, luffy is'nt actually copying goku,,..

Sep 2, 2014