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Yukitan says...

@thebarfscarf, everyone is entiltled to their opinion. I like her, (And I'm not "despicable" nor "evil". Are you a kid or has the mentality of one?) most because she's one (if not the most) of the deepest/realest/most complex character of the series, and having difficuties to talk is relatable, some may not understand how difficult it is to speak. Plus, she was never truly evil, just damaged/broken and desperate for love/friends.About Mayuri's death, it's clear that Moeka hesitated. Not because she didn't want to bear the responsibility of killing someone, but because it was Mayuri. Even though it was short the time they spent together, Mayuri befriended Moeka and tried to get rid of the wall she build to "protect" herself from the world. Moeka surely appreciated that, even though she didn't realise it. Not showing any sign of blame after killing Mayuri isn't an excuse because Moeka isn't the kind of person to show her emotions easily, even in a situation like that. Also, we can see that she did feel guilty when she begged for Okarin's forgiveness, as she remembered the events of another timeline. Not that these things made what she did any less horrible.

People often complain about how FB was a "total stranger" to her, but I don't think we need to see or hear each other to make a bond. Just sharing moments of happiness and sadness is enough, Moeka and FB had those kind of moments. Even if not personally, FB was there for Moeka, and that was more than enough for her, a person that had no one.

Feb 14, 2015
Happy1999 says...

I love her ! <3

Aug 18, 2014
thebarfscarf says...

Over 400 are evil and despicable enough to click LOVE for her? Shame on all of you. 

May 11, 2014