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silviepie says...

I think Misaki was a fundamentally decent attempt at a great shoujo heroine. I generally like characters like her. But while Misaki is cool, hardworking, independent and intelligent, which I do appreciate, I feel that the author really let us down the second she crossed paths with Usui. He reduces her to a woman who can only blush, stutter, yell at him for being a pervert, and eventually just go along with his whims. To this day, I'm still floored at how many viewers don't realize just how un-femininst their relationship is simply because it's disguised by "Usui's hotness". I refuse to believe I'm the only one noticing this. Additionally, Misaki's hatred for men really crosses the line of reason and general respect for other human beings. I get what the author was trying to do, but it comes across as bitchy and sexist, and makes me remember why I can't stand tsundere characters...Sorry Fujiwara, good honest attempt but just not good enough. 

Sep 3, 2016
catomicatomica says...

Annoying feminazi who's too dense to realize that maybe not all guys are the same. She can be cool at times, but overall she really pisses me off.

Aug 27, 2016
Hakkenden says...

Almost forgot about this anime. How could I?!

My brother showed me this anime, and from then on I was hooked. Misaki was the first tsundere I actually liked, (and probably the last) so she holds a special place in my heart. 10/10, would recommend this anime if you're dying for some romance. ;)

Jun 4, 2016
JJR1971 says...

My opinion is based on Ep.1-9; Strong female character and Monica Rial does a great job in the dub with an at times terrible original script.  Just in episodes 5-9, she faces not one but arguably two attempted rapes.  It's damn disturbing.  And Usui, her ostensible love interest, is kind of stalker-y and has at best only a hazy understanding of the concept of consent.  Misaki is a great and likeable character, but the series itself is always seeking to degrade and humiliate her and try to "teach" her that she just needs a good man in her life (Usui?)...BARF!  I hope the series gets better. 

May 31, 2016
Madiz says...

Please ignore all of the over obsessive otaku fan girls of Takumi USUI, stupid Usui! Miss Ayuzawa is actually an amazing character who represents that flare of being a strong and independent person that many of us strive to be. Now, there are times where she needs help from her friends but that is life. She is an amazingly studious, athletic, and caring character (unless you are doing something to belittle woman). She represents a strong belief in empowering women and is a great icon vs. the typical "love me please!" female protagonists. With out a doubt one of my most liked anime characters, couples, and animes!

Jan 25, 2016