Aka: Prez

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Madiz says...

Please ignore all of the over obsessive otaku fan girls of Takumi USUI, stupid Usui! Miss Ayuzawa is actually an amazing character who represents that flare of being a strong and independent person that many of us strive to be. Now, there are times where she needs help from her friends but that is life. She is an amazingly studious, athletic, and caring character (unless you are doing something to belittle woman). She represents a strong belief in empowering women and is a great icon vs. the typical "love me please!" female protagonists. With out a doubt one of my most liked anime characters, couples, and animes!

Jan 25, 2016
Toriana says...

She's really not the kind of character I like. She's oblivious, kind of annyoing and always find a way to get into trouble without even trying. At least, she made me laugh (even if out of despair). 

Oct 27, 2015
KyokoMagica42 says...

I'll never get the appeal for her. She does nothing to the show. Every episode is the same. Usui flirts with her and her pea-sized brain doesn't notice, then he saves her from some bullies or whatever. The cliche princess-in-waiting-for-her-knight-in-shining-armour card. Nothing more. 

Sep 21, 2015
Shent says...

Hate overwhelms me. Power obsessive bitch. Dropped on ep2,

Jan 19, 2015
YIJENN says...

Kaichouu :D

Sep 16, 2014