Aka: Misa-Misa

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lGeneralFluffl says...

she just creeps me out -_-

Apr 18, 2016
Kawaiixtea17 says...

I honestly feel like this character had so much potential, but then the creators just turned her into a some what annoying, clingy character. But, I admit she isn't that bad of a character, I dislike light more tbh.

Apr 16, 2016
KawaiiPigChan says...

Misa = The obsessive (super obsessive) girl type, who else thinks she can become yandere :P

At first I actually thought Misa was cool and badass but later, she became too clingy to Light ;-;

Apr 6, 2016
kawoshin says...

misa >>>>>>>>>> your male faves 

Mar 22, 2016
clivingston says...

Cant believe so many people hate her... misa is the best!!!!

Feb 26, 2016