Alt titles: Misa-Misa

Misa AMANE main image

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DragonFeather says...

Misa has to be the stupidest character in the series. She blindly follows Light even though he would gladly kill her if the situation called for it. I actually thought he would kill her off pretty quick but she lasted until the end.

Jul 13, 2015
ShizukaTheOtaku says...

Misa was probably the most annoying character of the series. But I can't help but feel really sorry for her... Oh well.

Jul 3, 2015
JustAFangirl says...

I used to hate Misa so much, but now I actually like her and am so sorry for her because Light just keeps using her and she can't see it.

Well, she is pretty stupid

Jun 29, 2015
M67anime says...

I HATE MISA!!!!!!!

May 16, 2015
brokensaint058 says...

I wish half of the female population were as zealously devoted to their boyfriends as she is.

... on the other hand she might be just a creepy stalker ... hard to say.

Apr 18, 2015