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PurpleCatAngel Jun 14, 2015

How can people hate her? She's amazing:)

BobbyWibowo Dec 29, 2014

@LLLawliet I can't help but thought "Damn, look at your gloomy avatar.. it feels so dull... in my opinion"

Betelgeuse Sep 28, 2014

@CannedBread: What does Miku Hatsune have to do with a certain 'Muku'?

@JudGe: One of the reasons to be able to hate Miku is that she is too popular.

LLLawliet Sep 6, 2014

Vocaloid sounds exactly like those mii's in Tomodachi Life, It's annoying. I personally despise vocaloid and it's fanbase. Example: "die if you hate Miku." I also hate the idea of listening to fictional characters. Feels so dull in my opinion. 

Judge Aug 25, 2013

How can people hate Miku :0