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TheIceQueen says...

I like her music, but that's just my opinion 

Nov 30, 2015
GrotesqueDoll says...

people hate miku is because she's "too popular" or "too overrated" i mean, she's more famous then them and she's not even real, i'd be salty about it and hate on her too if i didn't like her so much lol

Sep 17, 2015
PinkFlurry says...

How could people hate her shes so sweet!!X33

Sep 10, 2015
PurpleCatAngel says...

How can people hate her? She's amazing:)

Jun 14, 2015
BobbyWibowo says...

@LLLawliet I can't help but thought "Damn, look at your gloomy avatar.. it feels so dull... in my opinion"

Dec 29, 2014