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likeamafiaboss says...

Why the hell do so many people hate him? In my opinion he was a great character (though perhaps everyone's just salty because of L or some shit)

Feb 7, 2016
Dragonboy543 says...

Damn that's one Hell of a Transgender!

(and i don't mean that as a good thing)

Nov 1, 2015
aznlilpeace says...

ahhhh im so sad he died :( he lets his emotions control him which makes him seems like an ass hole (first impression) at first but i really grown to like his character.  he even sacrificed himself just so they can prove light was kira.

Aug 6, 2015
fianna2452 says...

I'm trying to figure out why he's #13 on the hated list. Because he kidnapped Sayu? I quite like him, he's my fav in Death Note. Maybe it's the hair lol

May 17, 2015
FlutterBOSS says...

I don't find his knock-off eating habits and girlish hair to be appealing. 

Dec 6, 2014