Gender: Female
Hair Color: Pink
Rank #1,395
Rank #311
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AmourKitty says...

err I'm kinda mixed, I like her but I don't. I can relate to her about wanting to move into a big city and not having a lot of things in common with people in her village. But I dislike her obsession over a dude who doesn't care about her, or the way she treats people.

Feb 26, 2016
Kioshi555 says...

Totally agreed with Yuisoku and Ilovebabybeel. She's not a bad character because she was poorly written. In fact she's written quite well. She's just the worst kind of a person, weak, ungrateful and selfish to the utmost. Despicable...

Dec 29, 2015
Ilovebabybeel says...

She is the biggest freaking bitch Ive ever seen. Be cruel to everyone who cares about her and always running after a man who does not give her a f*ck.

I am almost happy to death when I saw her dying.Hahahaha

Go to hell you sneaky bitch,or I would snap your neck in half and throw your pieces into a garbage can.

Nov 17, 2015
YangireQueen says...

Well, even if she wasn't the nicest or most generous main character, at least she HAD a personality.  Literally, there are so many worse heroines with the most bland personality ever.  So what if she thinks of what she wants?  I mean, she's a human being like all of us (figuratively speaking...) She has hopes and dreams, and wants nothing to do with a town.  I bet there's at least one place every human doesn't want to be.  The town was holding back her desires, so why couldn't she hate it?  She might be spoiled, but she has desires just like every other human being and at least has the courage to show it, unlike others who will hide it inside and eventually go mad or just snap.  Eh, but her obsession with Natsumo was a bit creepy...but kind of cute at the same time.  There are also people that others hate.  And I found one redeeming quality about her: she is able to care about human beings, even if she doesn't because she feels this town lacks something.  She cared about Natsumo, even though he was being a total bastard and ignored her.  I mean, even if she was self-centered, no one can really say that Natsumo wasn't much better.  I mean, he hated the village too.  He also didn't come to Megumi's funeral, never bothered to really be friendly with that many people, and only bothered to pay attention to Megumi when she was talking about hating her village.

Oct 27, 2015
thebarfscarf says...

Animefreak17a is a turd sandwich. 

Oct 18, 2015