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Kioshi555 says...

Totally agreed with Yuisoku and Ilovebabybeel. She's not a bad character because she was poorly written. In fact she's written quite well. She's just the worst kind of a person, weak, ungrateful and selfish to the utmost. Despicable...

Dec 29, 2015
Ilovebabybeel says...

She is the biggest freaking bitch Ive ever seen. Be cruel to everyone who cares about her and always running after a man who does not give her a f*ck.

I am almost happy to death when I saw her dying.Hahahaha

Go to hell you sneaky bitch,or I would snap your neck in half and throw your pieces into a garbage can.

Nov 17, 2015
YangireQueen says...

Well, even if she wasn't the nicest or most generous main character, at least she HAD a personality.  Literally, there are so many worse heroines with the most bland personality ever.  So what if she thinks of what she wants?  I mean, she's a human being like all of us (figuratively speaking...) She has hopes and dreams, and wants nothing to do with a town.  I bet there's at least one place every human doesn't want to be.  The town was holding back her desires, so why couldn't she hate it?  She might be spoiled, but she has desires just like every other human being and at least has the courage to show it, unlike others who will hide it inside and eventually go mad or just snap.  Eh, but her obsession with Natsumo was a bit creepy...but kind of cute at the same time.  There are also people that others hate.  And I found one redeeming quality about her: she is able to care about human beings, even if she doesn't because she feels this town lacks something.  She cared about Natsumo, even though he was being a total bastard and ignored her.  I mean, even if she was self-centered, no one can really say that Natsumo wasn't much better.  I mean, he hated the village too.  He also didn't come to Megumi's funeral, never bothered to really be friendly with that many people, and only bothered to pay attention to Megumi when she was talking about hating her village.

Oct 27, 2015
thebarfscarf says...

Animefreak17a is a turd sandwich. 

Oct 18, 2015
pitythefool says...

Seems like everyone has their opinions about her character.

As I see it, she was simply stuck in a crummy situation and wanted to move on. Her stalking of natsuno was a bit bizarre/creepy, but it wasn't like there was much else to do in that town apparently. Despite that I think she still had a bright future. She simply hated the town and how everyone was so 'simple' aka boring. It's not really her fault that she died either, had no strange people moved in, she would have eventually moved to the big city, become much more content as a person and likely treated everyone around her better as well. She had aspirations of a grand future unlike the majority of the people in boring town she lived in.

I consider all of the actions she took after she died with a grain of salt. She always wanted to leave for the city, even after becoming a shiki. She never would have killed anyone as a normal person. You have to realize she was forced to do these things. She may have been more willing in certain situations like kaoris father, but most of it was done under duress - usually a threat to her life or natsunos.

Additionally, natsuno is a dick, he was from the city and didn't want to get chummy with anyone. Certainly didn't help that he ignored the forward thinking megumi. They both would have been like two peas in a pod. She wanted to leave, he wanted to leave as well, but his whole attitude that everyone was below him, he wasn't going to be around for long and everyone gossips prevented them from ever really talking until it was too late and megumi died.

My biggest gripe with the show aside from the fact that everyone was dumb was that the 'shiki' never went about trying to coexist or find ways to not kill people. I understand the master plan was to create a home for themselves by wiping out the village and replacing everyone with shikis... but this plan was horrible and not well thought out from the start. First of all they shouldn't have been killing people as often as they did. Secondly they should have figured out ways to drink from people in a rotation that didn't kill them, or found alternative means of viable blood like animal blood or blood bags. Third they could have just bit people and used hypnosis to make them leave the village or have a family member quit their job then proceed to have them 'move out' and take the family to that yamairi village or whatever to be used at the food farm or to kill to try and raise more shikis.

Long story short I think megumi got a raw deal and most of the hate is undeserved. You die at 15 and are forced into a crummy situation where you have to obey orders regarding killing people or you die. The shikis plan was OK, but better options were certainly available. It would have been nice if more light had been shed on their abilities, the humans really kicked their asses at the end. I enjoyed the anime, but it definitely could have been better.

Sep 12, 2015