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KawaiiNekoDono says...

(spoilers)I hate him for the most part, but... he saved Toshiro when he was zombiefied so he's good in my books :/

May 4, 2016
frankstleBilly says...

Sadists are awesome.

Mar 13, 2016
sinfulGurotesque says...

I love Szayel but can't stand Mayuri. It doesn't make any sense. 

Feb 3, 2015
jurgie says...

Kurotsuchi is a total freak, which is why he is one of my favorites. Also, he is perfectly portrayed by voice actor Ryusei Nakao.

Jan 20, 2015
BleachSta4Ever says...

I don't know I rly don't like Mayuri but u know I mean he's good in some aspects but other things he has done I just rly don't agree with and don't wish tht he had done

Jul 13, 2014