Makoto TACHIBANA main image

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StellarHime says...

I freakin' love him and that diabetes inducing smile!!! >///< He da bae

Apr 8, 2015
UbiquitousConundrum says...

I may be a guy, but I can't deny: THOSE ABS!!!!! 

Feb 9, 2015
VictoriaTheGreat says...

Omg I love him so much. I have a wallpaper of a collage of him (shirtless of course) and when one of my guy friends saw it, he probably thought I was crazy or something. XD

Jan 21, 2015
FrankiiGii says...

So adorable! Loved watching him as a coach <3

Aug 21, 2014
CreativeJustice says...

Something about his appearance has irked me since the first episode. After watching the first season, I have concluded that it's his face. Specifically his eyes. They are so different from the 30 second Kyoto advertisement. I've gotten used to how Makoto looks now, but deep down I still mourn those non-droopy eyes. RIP.

Jul 21, 2014