Makoto ITOU

Makoto ITOU main image

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lilxtc3 says...

All this hate just shows how well this character accomplished his role. they wanted to make a character that noone liked and wow did they manage it flawlessly!

Aug 16, 2014
ArtThouJelly says...

Of the very few animes that i have watched. not a single character has made me so angry. To say that i smiled when what  happens to him happens is an understatement. 

Jun 12, 2014
StoneColdLoki says...

Wait, why are Sasuke and Sakura the top 2 while this guy is #14? Something should be done about this...

Apr 12, 2014
KeiNiwa says...

Seriously, Makoto's one big ***hole.

The worst character from any anime I watched so far.

Even if he looks cute and innocent, he is actually a total douchebag. =="

Mar 4, 2014