Makoto ITOU

Makoto ITOU main image

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RulerOfCats says...

I kind of have the strangest urge to beat him with his own erect penis. I assume it's erect cause he's in capable of walking without it pointing the way to a new chick to bang.

Apr 26, 2015
Insinuo says...

I do not know how this motherfucker is not the most hated character on Anime Planet, he deserves it by far

Apr 23, 2015
Vaderzlk11 says...

You may be actually wrong. You see, Makoto Itou is actually trying to oppose his own father, who's worse than him. This seems to be apparent in Cross Days, where he proves to be a great character.

Apr 5, 2015
LAN1712 says...

Im here reading comics about how he is litterally the worst yet when i watched the anime or read the manga I litterally think he was ok until sekai started giving him advice hence sekai = manipulative and evil bitch if you try to say im wrong watch the anime and follow sekai and you will see

Mar 29, 2015
lanif1 says...

90% of the time you can be sure that he's thinking with his dick and not with his brain when it comes to his priorities.

Mar 15, 2015