Makoto ITOU

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
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Makoto Itou is nothing more than an average high school student, with all the quirks and foibles of any young man of his age. Captivated by the beauty of Kotonoha Katsura, with whom he rides the train every morning, he develops a crush on her, but his shyness prevents him from making a move until the energetic Sekai Saionji decides to help.

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Anime Roles

School Days Main
School Days: Magical Heart Kokoro-chan Secondary
School Days ONA Main
School Days: Valentine Days Main

Manga Roles

Cross Days Minor
School Days Main

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azizbapora2015 says...


Nov 26, 2015
Kpopandanime123 says...

I didn't really finish the anime since I was getting sick of this guy and his hormones. But my older sister did, and she told me how it all ended.

My sister told me how that long-haired girl that Makoto first dated became insane due to Makoto leaving her and went to Sekai for a change.

Then when Sekai told Makoto that she was pregnant, Makoto suddenly told her that they should break up. (I'm like: What the heck?! He did it with her yet he doesn't have the responsibility to become a father?!)

Sekai was left all alone with a baby inside her. While Makoto went and had se* with the other girls in their classroom. Makoto even told his long-haired ex that "I love you" in front of Sekai. (That hurts!)

Then when Sekai wanted to cook dinner for Makoto, she went to visit him and found out instead that his ex was there. Sekai had enough and as a result, she killed Makoto. (She became insane after all that has happened)

After that, the other insane girl (Makoto's ex) killed Sekai and opened her stomach to check if she really has a baby. You know what the insane girl said? "See? There's no baby at all!" Even though there actually was.

Then the ex chopped Sekai's body and placed it inside a bag. Then the ex got Makoto's head and hugged it.

That was all she told me cause it was disgusting.


Nov 7, 2015
Kpopandanime123 says...

Actually, I already commented about this guy but it didn't post. BTW, that comment was very long so I'll just comment something short this time.

He's the type of guy who uses a person's feelings to gain his own pleasure. He was in love... HE WAS IN LOVE WITH SEX.

That's all. *bow*

Oct 21, 2015
YangireQueen says...

I honestly liked Makoto.  Sure, he cheated on a bunch of people, but he does represent an average teenage male's vision of perfectness, aside from the fact that he got killed :/.  He might not have been that good of a lover, but he was still a nice person.  Plus, every single girl kept pushing themselves onto Makoto, and that is just what a teenage boy would normally do.  I don't really see a problem with him being realistic, not all anime boys are going to respect a female's privacy and not cheat.

Sep 27, 2015
Melopahn says...

I have to give this man props... he is real. For some reason anime men are always so scared and non hormonal when surrounded by gorgeous women. They take all their shit but are in no way upset or unnerved by what they do. They never weigh out the the girl who is constantly yelling and berating them is something they shouldn't be dating, this become especially hard to relate to when they have another more beautiful woman being the epitome of cordial towards them. This man reacted like a real man, he had a boring girl, he had a fun girl who wanted to put out and he took it. The candy was in the dish and he enjoyed it. The reason i really love it and him is that he gets what he deserves. He is a relatable man but oh boy does he get his just desserts. 

Aug 25, 2015

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