Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #1,747
Rank #4,442

Anime Roles

Ghost Hunt Main

Manga Roles

Akumu no Sumu Ie: Ghost Hunt Main
Ghost Hunt Main

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silviepie Sep 3, 2016

So I usually hate characters like Mai, but she's one of the rare ones that I find really endearing, even despite her "shoujo crush" on Naru. :D I think it's because she doesn't give him a free pass just because she has a crush on him. If he did something inexcusable, she'll still stand up firmly against him, while a lot of other heroines will just let it slide. Though I can see why some may find her yelling annoying.

casandra29 Aug 29, 2016

Mai is a horrible stereotypical shoujo damsel in distress heroine. Making an otherwise exceptional anime/manga story much worse along with her spirit medium damsel in distress frenemy who is only marginally less annoying and offensive named Masako Haruma. She, like the others characters of her kind, are every shoujo/popular shounen anime/manga's female main character bad habit. Examples would be: Yukki - Vampire Kight, Yuya - Samurai Deeper Kyo (anime), Lucy Heartfelia - Fairy Tale, Yuzu - Honey x Honey Drops, The "Are you really shinichi-kun" girl - Parasyte: The Maxim, Orihime - Bleach.... the list goes on and on. Personally, I don't feel they have to make a stupid and annoying heroine just to call it a shoujo or shounen but it seems that some writers do feel that is the case, otherwise we might not have so many of these cut and paste personalities that take so much away from the stories. Oh and for the people thinking of watching the anime stay far away from the english Dub version. The reason being the voice actor fits this girls personality perfectly, which in this case is a bad thing unless you enjoy headaches.

Hakkenden Jun 12, 2016

She seemed like a promising character until she "fell in love" with Naru. Her continuous jealousy and tendency to get herself into trouble really ticks me off. Still, I can't bring myself to hate her. She had a lot of potential, but her crush on Naru ruined it all. :(

Ninius Dec 2, 2015

@ simonprasad, omg I agree 100%. She is one of the most annoying characters I've ever seen in anime.

heyalotp71 Dec 6, 2014

I wouldn't agree more, I almost stopped watching the show, she was so oblivious to everything, and then when she thought something was her fault other people had to cheer her up. I don't get why she has to be so annoying!!! This is why I don't like anime girls