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Maes HUGHES image
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DuckPhlegm avatar DuckPhlegm
Dec 24, 2012

Nonononono why did he die!? ):

d33eniz avatar d33eniz
Oct 18, 2012

Oh Hughes ;_;"

Threed avatar Threed
Jun 30, 2012

Damn...why always gr8 ppl have to die??!!? >.<

Shirofukurou avatar Shirofukurou
Jun 7, 2012

While some people thought Maes Hughs, shoving pictures of his daughter and wife in people's faces, or bragging about them so much was annoying... I thought it was adorable that the man adored his wife and kid so much that he talked about them nonstop.

Anathemus avatar Anathemus
Mar 23, 2012

MAJOR SPOILERS in all these comments, careful... don't read any further!

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