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MrReally Feb 20, 2016

She's just boring and draws attention from Natsu. All she does is cry and whine and then say how important her family is to hereduce on top of that she always seems to be the cause of the problems and is practically useless.

BeginningofTime Jan 20, 2016


She is such a fun and realistic character, yet somehow still a bad-ass ^.^ 

She's gotten so strong, and her backstory and development are just great! Totally cosplaying her at a con soon :3 

AnimeOtaku665 Dec 23, 2015

She's just..... *claps*

pinkarray Dec 4, 2015

She's sweet... she's darling... and she reminds me of me.

Kyononaplane Nov 24, 2015

When you're Fairy frockling around, hit me up.