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Rank #60
Rank #276


firmfire avatar firmfire
Dec 23, 2012

Lucy's funny yet she's really annoying, I like her but then I don't :/

TheBigSecret avatar TheBigSecret
Apr 28, 2012

I kind of like Lucy, but I kind of don't... 

She does annoy me, but that's not why I dislike her. Maybe it's just the way she often complains or something, I don't know...

Kenji666 avatar Kenji666
Mar 22, 2012

Hey Happy deserves a higher rating than everyone. Anyways I'm kinda indifferent to Lucy, for me she's just kinda there.

lerntall avatar lerntall
Mar 19, 2012

Soooooooo not cool... 

Happy has a higher rating?!? She really deserves more credit then she is given. I mean, C'mon... She defeated one of the Oración Seis (granted with the help of a spell she never knew) and managed to give the Spirit King a nice verbal spanking...

She gives FAR better fan service than anyone else in Fairy Tail too!

Anathemus avatar Anathemus
Aug 28, 2011

Is it me are her boobs getting bigger every episode? xD Fairy Tail got pretty Ecchi on the Fairy Hills OVA

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