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heyalotp71 says...

I overall think that the people who created this series made it worse by adding this character. A lot of animes these days have annoying main characters that totally ruin the show by their character. And personally I think annoying main characters from animes that are really annoying are just trying to make the show entertaining. But it doesn't!!!! It just makes the whole story line look like crap!!!

Feb 20, 2014
Userr says...

I just found myself hoping she would be killed off. There is nothing I like about her. 

Jan 30, 2014
taleeza says...

She is pretty useless overall in the series. She's also the reason for most of the mishaps in fairy tail. For example, the destruction of the guild. She also manages to get caught a lot - because she's inept at fighting. (Don't forget the clock filler) Yes she's got boobs, but so does Mirajane, who you get fan service out of - not to mention she's got a great personality and a kick-ass fighter. (You can say that about Erza too). They should have just Natsu be the protagonist- he outshines her.

Jul 17, 2013
gaaraFAN says...

Lucy's kinda cool, but she just aggravates me. I really dont like her, like i really hate this character. But she's cool, i guess..

Apr 19, 2013
PinkShippuden says...

She's one of those characters that aren't insane or have crazy hobbies. She's smart too (smarter than gray and natsu or maybe more people) and pretty. You can't say that she's weak, she's strong but not super strong like natsu or something. She's my most favourite character in fairytail :)

Mar 19, 2013