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pinkarray says...

She's sweet... she's darling... and she reminds me of me.

Dec 4, 2015
Kyononaplane says...

When you're Fairy frockling around, hit me up. 

Nov 24, 2015
galpal says...

I don't get how anyone could hate her she's smart, funny and a strong wizerd. Whats not to love about her?

Oct 29, 2015
unicornannika says...

She's become so strong throughout the show! I feel like a proud mother :')

Sep 26, 2015
Adyth says...

as she grows up the power grows aswel. shes the most powerful celestial wizard by the way ,shes cute ,kindheart and sometimes funny. She practically made natsu team happen when she joined the guild and i srsly doubt that shes useless when she was able to summon the celestial king and her greatest spell 'urano metoria' always gets me :3

Sep 17, 2015