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Alquds98 Jul 27, 2016

I love most of the fairy tail characters it is full of some of the most lovable characters in anime and Lucy is no exception. Along with Erza, Mirajane, Juvia, and a whole bunch of other females they are all a bunch of badasses instead of the damsels of distress. Love the anime the characters and yes even lucy.

TheIceQueen Jul 17, 2016

I love lucy, she's such an underrated character. Just cause she isn't as overpowered as the othe mcs, she's still a likable character.

Loveanime66 Jul 1, 2016

Love her😙 Nalu 💟 hope thy kiss in the up coming season 😥😤

imnothere Jun 18, 2016

I'm surprised she doesn't annoy me anymore.  I really hated her at first  because she seemed really spoiled and whiny.  Well... she still complains a lot, but she has grown and her heart is definitely in a right place.   Also after she figured out where Mavis' grave is,  she confirmed that she is smarter than she looks.  She does love to read after all ...   Anyway what I want to say is that I don't think she really deserves all the hate she gets.  I didn't think it was possible, but I've become to love her.  

Hakkenden Jun 4, 2016

I don't know why, but I loved her from the very beginning. I found every character except for her to be annoying.