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frankstleBilly says...

So many people hate Lucy... why? She's a great character! ^_^ she doesn't get kidnapped all the time, she's not annoying, she's kindhearted, she IS becoming stronger, she has a great role in the film, she's cute, funny, caring, fairly well developed and whatever people say, she ISN'T just there for fanservice. Erza and Mirajane are used for fanservice as well guys, Lucy isn't the only one and is actually really well written if people would stop staring at her tits.

Oct 21, 2014
pikacutie25 says...

She has so much potential to be as great a character as the rest, but her role in the series (a fanservicing damsel in distress) strips that possibility away from her. :/ I'd really like to see her pull some awesome over-the-top technique (that actually does work when it needs to) just like Natsu and beat a main "bad guy" (which her designation as a "main character" gives her the right to do). Maybe then people would stop calling her useless...too much to hope for, I know, but still. -_-;

Jul 10, 2014
greedyoyster says...

I don't understand why people dislike her, "she's annoying?" happy is 10 times more annoying, "she's useless" not nearly as useless as Cana,she's bad at fighting? yeah she started off weak but she's one of the few charecters who actually grow over the course of the series, just because she doesn't start off stupidly over-powered doesn't mean she sucks. Also her fights make sense as to why she wins and loses. Natsu/Erza just get some insane power up for the sake of plot.

Jul 10, 2014
Romani says...

I don't see what's so annoying about her. :P Happy is more annoying in my opinion.

May 13, 2014
guivan says...

i hate her so much.....useless and annoying

May 3, 2014