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Hellgirl99 says...

She more clumsy & more stupid! So disgusting

Sep 9, 2016
StaBAnime says...

She even more annoying than Sakura, Sakura at least beated Sasori and have the cure ninjitsu, Lucy only relying on Keys . And always talking like a weak. A main character shoud be most stronger at least more confident

Aug 1, 2016
janememe says...


Jul 30, 2016
Alquds98 says...

I love most of the fairy tail characters it is full of some of the most lovable characters in anime and Lucy is no exception. Along with Erza, Mirajane, Juvia, and a whole bunch of other females they are all a bunch of badasses instead of the damsels of distress. Love the anime the characters and yes even lucy.

Jul 27, 2016
TheIceQueen says...

I love lucy, she's such an underrated character. Just cause she isn't as overpowered as the othe mcs, she's still a likable character.

Jul 17, 2016