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Edock Apr 12, 2016

I wish Liz replaced Asuna. Liz has muuuuchhh more personality than Asuna. Then again, I guess Kirito has no personality maybe Asuna and Kirito are a good match...

Burningblade04 Aug 2, 2015

She's the only one I like in this show, idk why.

Nievesrockzmysockoff Dec 28, 2014

Why make her seem like a love interest and then just boom kill it right there and then!!! I wanted her to end with Kirito but no they had to go with Asuna. -.- I don't see why so much hate when she had an amazing episode. I really wish they didn't make me go on that emotional trip for nothing.

jjasonrev Dec 13, 2014

Excessive tsunderism, big turnoff.

Sebaplo Oct 9, 2012

Why so much hate?