Aka: Kira

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Loveanime66 says...

Whattttttttttt, r u for real, why just why, this boy was , is a fuckin Psychopath!!

Jul 1, 2016
otakugirlwolf says...

hmmmm so light yagami average high school student minus the small fact that hes a freaking genius .... starts out finding a deathnote and trying to rid the world of evil by killing off crminals hmmmm lets see how this would work you want to be a god over a world full of purity but you what now ???? 

i loved light yagami at the start i thought he had a very bright idea like f this was real i would have joined sides with him and probablywould have benn killed by him after realizing how much of a nut he really was 

Jun 3, 2016
chickenparade says...

I just could not take this kid seriously throughout the whole show. Totally lost it at the scene with the chips, like just calm the fuck down Light XD. 

May 12, 2016
existentialcrisis says...


Apr 29, 2016
mrcokamrcoka says...

I hate him.. not because of his actions but because he coudn't accept his lose at the end and also because of his reaction when he lost.

He was not as expected.... (sigh)..... too bad..... but he was intresting...... until the last episode.

Mar 19, 2016