Alt titles: Kira

Light YAGAMI main image

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tiagra says...

If I have a Death Note I would do the same shit that he did

I would clean this world from criminals, I might as well annihilate mankind.

Sep 1, 2014
BleachSta4Ever says...

Love light yagami I don't see any need not to like him

Jul 11, 2014
10sparkey10 says...

Spoiler Alert

I really liked him until he killed L. 

Mar 12, 2014
Happymeal says...

Ahhh, so that's his game. After going through the majority of this anime, I realize I'm quite fond of this guy. The results of this "experiment" weren't exactly what I'd prefer though. You'll find that, regardless of creating a "utopia", people will mess up one way or another. His morals don't coincide with mine; don't get me wrong here. I'd much prefer a world shaped after my sense of "justice" (of course I think the term justice is idiotic. Good and evil are concepts which result from too much "subjectivity"; as an addition to that, I don't want to use subjectivity, but that's the best way to put it without an overly long explanation. The whole good and evil scheme is based on perspective which results in too much of one person's image; it reminds me too much of religion) which would probably end up with me just taking the most logic based route. Of course that still ends up being the image of a single person as logic does tend to get twisted at some point. Simpy put, putting too much power in someone's hands is never a good thing, regardless of how they use it. i guess he encapsules the concept of what true justice is and how to achieve it, but that's overblown. i couldn't care less whether you end up enslaving a population because of fear or saving in result of getting rid of the ones who hurt it the most. That's probably the most boring aspect of the character. I could due less with the whole justice vs. evil bullshit; it's pretty grating. I think mainly because it's been overblown for so long now. 

I'm not done with the series quite yet, but I wonder what he thinks of those close to him. I'm fairly interested in that. While I could make inferences, it was never too explicit. Did he consider them pawns in the grand scheme of things or treasure them? I understand he was prepared to kill his sister, but it seems like he cared a bit more about them than you'd expect. Perhaps I would have enjoyed him more had they gone and made some of his feelings a bit more explicit. Perhaps I need to finish the series, but this character is pretty rad. Whether I agree with his measures or not is out of the question (though I would say that he did quite well so far of creating his "empire" the way he wanted to).

I still hold true to my original comment that creating a utopia for humans seems too inconvinient. I'm a lazy person and ruling the world seems like too much paperwork. 

Feb 18, 2014
Discontent says...

@ Siddyus: "This guy reminds me of myself quite a bit."

This is a very, very bad sign. Get psychological help.

Jan 15, 2014