Aka: Kira

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chickenparade says...

I just could not take this kid seriously throughout the whole show. Totally lost it at the scene with the chips, like just calm the fuck down Light XD. 

May 12, 2016
existentialcrisis says...


Apr 29, 2016
mrcokamrcoka says...

I hate him.. not because of his actions but because he coudn't accept his lose at the end and also because of his reaction when he lost.

He was not as expected.... (sigh)..... too bad..... but he was intresting...... until the last episode.

Mar 19, 2016
Lillz says...

My favourite character by far. I actually felt sad when he didn't win. They portraited him perfectly. In a way where you want him to win. Love him ^.^

Mar 5, 2016
reddishgrey says...

It's not that I hate him, I actually enjoy quite a lot his lies and manipulation scenes, but there's something, I don't know what, that makes me not like him at all. I don't even know if that makes sense but whatever.

Feb 26, 2016